Decoration stones

Decoration stones

Finnish stone is suitable for floors, walls as well as for different table tops. Stone is an ideal working surface, because it endures heat, moisture, mechanical stress and cleansers. You can for example bake on the table top, and it cleans easily just by wiping.

It is easy to embed kitchen sinks or other surfaces into the table top. When you make a hole in the stone for the sink, it is recommended to strengthen the hole with suitable reinforcement and fillers, so that the sink will be waterproof and durable wholeness. For example a mahogany wood top combined with a stone top made from Perhon Vihreä is a beautiful combination.

Thin stone plates are suitable for both wall- and floor coverings.  Stone plates are more durable than ceramic plates, because stone surface is polished and not covered with separate, breakable glazing.

Thanks to its unique thermal density as well as its imposing appearance, Perho Green deep stone is also used in fireplaces as well as bathroom floors.  Thermal density of Perho Green makes it superb floor cover together with floor heating. Natural stone and Perho Green are suitable also for different kind of furniture solutions, for example in bathrooms, stair coverings, stairs, banisters, window benches, pillars and doorsteps.

Perho Green as a decoration material is a unique and exceptional combination of durability, practicality and beauty of the nature. The stone preserves its beauty for a very long time. It increases the value of your house.